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Watch As Kazushi Sakuraba - Perhaps The Most Famous MMA Fighter Of All Time - Reveals For The First Time: All Of The Kimura & Arm Destruction Secrets That Built His Legacy. This Masterclass Between Saku & Grappling Icons Bernardo Faria & Craig Jones Can’t Be Missed
For the first time ever, Japanese MMA legend Kazushi Sakuraba is teaching all of the moves that he has learned, invented, and perfected
Learn To Set Up & Finish The Kimura From Anywhere: Taught By The Man Who Made It Famous In Modern Times
With joint locks from all angles and an entire submission game that he made for himself, he is a grappling coach like none other
With this mix of BJJ, catch wrestling, aikido, and even some pro wrestling thrown in, the Sakuraba style has always been about hunting for the finish and attacking from everywhere
Sakuraba first rose to international acclaim as the mysterious grappler with no jiu-jitsu background who was still able to win and even submit some of the most famous Jiu Jitsu fighters and wrestlers in the UFC and Pride
So What's On This Series?
Learn The Kimura From One Of The Masters Of The Move, And Add Dozens Of Submissions To Your Game!
When it comes to getting the kimura trap, Kazushi Sakuraba is one of the best of all time. He’s been able to trap and tap some of the best of his generation by constantly focusing on attacking submissions, and using the little changes that he created that make every move as dangerous as it is hard to defend. Starting standing, he shows us the signature standing kimura that he made famous, before we dive deep into a masterclass. Bernardo and Craig Jones, two of the best technicians in BJJ already, go deep into exactly what he does to get the lock and how he handles any problems in the submission, always working to the tap. Even in positions that black belts like Craig and Bernardo felt safe, Sakuraba was able to change one little detail and get the immediate tap. This is one of the most expansive and technical breakdowns of the kimura trap that we have ever seen, and it’s sure to add to your game immediately.
Sakuraba is a lot more than just an incredible kimura, he is also one of the most dangerous and tricky fighters alive! He goes deep into his technical knowledge and shows us some wicked wrist locks and armbars from angles we’d never seen before. From armbar finishes that use leverage and pressure on the right muscles at the right time, to ways to grip a wrist lock that turn it from a ow percentage move to a can’t miss attack, he’s got tricks from everywhere.
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