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Leglock Wizard From Kentucky Taps World Class Black Belts With The Strangest But Crazy Effective Leglocks
Chael Sonnen Raves About Warren Brooks & Warns "Don't Ever Put Hooks In On This Man
Learn some of the weirdest, most creative leg locks that really work in BJJ with BJJ black belt and coach Warren Brooks
Leg locking master that has been developing his own unique and effective style of attacking the lower body from unexpected angles
Now these leg locks from everywhere can be yours to fold into your game with this 4-volume instructional release
Instead of attacking the same straight ankle locks, toe holds, and kneebars that everyone else is, supercharge your leg attacks with these IBJJF legal joint locks
So What's On This Series
Learn the foot fold submission threat, one of the most effective but underutilized joint locks in all of submission grappling. After learning the basic mechanics around this tricky attack that uses your lower body against theirs, work through the positions you’ll be able to best use this, including from half guard, full guard, even from the mount! This is a very effective lock that can help you out of some bad situations, so don’t hesitate on learning!
From the hip clamp half guard, one of Warren’s specialties, you can lock someone down and work towards your best submission attacks using slicers and foot locks that will leave people tapping in a hurry. With only a few simple adjustments, you have them trapped and controlled, and Warren’s developed a full progression of submissions from there, each of them his own unique maneuver. Shoulder cutters, tricep cutters, and keylocks are common for him here, and they can be for you too, even against younger, more explosive fighters.
Warren stays safe while he’s attacking legs by having key submission attacks that he relies on when someone jumps on his legs to counter attack. Instead of having to bail, he’s found some really innovative and effective ways of attacking joint locks from what most of us would consider horrible leg lock situations, where our opponent is controlling the foot and hip line. Stay in the fight and finish from bad position with some of these powerful leg locks.
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