Ashi Garami Fundamentals-Professor Gustavo Gasperin


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Course Overview
One of the biggest challenges most BJJ students face is connecting techniques together, aka building a "game".
Knowing how to execute a single technique is great, but what if your opponent defends it? Do you have any follow-ups or are you just going to reset and start over?
Ashi Garami Fundamentals is not your typical instructional video with dozens of isolated techniques that are not even linked to each other. We’ve organized all the info, connected all the techniques together in a predictable system, and given you a solid plan to be executed.
The focus of this Course is on building a solid foundation for your Leglock and Open Guard game, by utilizing the Ashi Garami and Single Leg X-Guard as powerful control positions, and the Ankle Lock as the primary submission attack.
Once your opponent enters into the "system", whether he/she is standing up (Single Leg X-Guard) or on the ground (Ashi Garami), you will be in attacking mode. With several counters and recounters for your opponent's most common defenses, you will be always one step ahead, threatening him/her with sweeps and Ankle Lock submissions.
Although we touch upon more advanced Leglock submissions and positions, this Course is geared to the beginner student who wants to develop a solid foundation and still be able to compete and apply the techniques under the IBJJF rules.
The core curriculum is 100% IBJJF legal for all Belts, including White. No knee-reaping, no illegal submissions.
Gi or Nogi, no problem. We give helpful pointers for both styles!
Techniques Included:
00. Intro.mp4
01. The Ashi Garami Position.mp4
02. Arm Positioning For The Ankle Lock.mp4
03. Finishing The Ankle Lock.mp4
04. Adjusting The Ankle Lock.mp4
05. Entries From Top Position.mp4
06. Countering Early Defenses.mp4
07. Tripod Ankle Lock And Options.mp4
08. Tripod Ankle Lock As First Option.mp4
09. Knee Torque Submission And Options.mp4
10. Single Leg X-Guard Position.mp4
11. Single Leg X-Guard Entries.mp4
12. Standard Sweep And Variations.mp4
13. The Assis Sweep And Options.mp4
14. Finishes From Top Side Ashi Garami.mp4
15. Modified X-Guard Tripod Sweep.mp4
16. Transition To X-Guard.mp4
17. X-Guard To The Back.mp4
18. Mount Escape Reentry.mp4
19. Modified X-Guard Sweep.mp4
20. Countering The Back Step.mp4
21.Course Update Mount Escape Combo To Single Leg X-Guard.mp4
22. Course Update Ankle Lock Early Defense.mp4
23. Bonus Ankle Lock Defense.mp4
7 Leglock Bonus Videos
01.The Science of the Ankle Lock.mp4
02.The Science of the Toehold.mp4
03.Kneebar Submission Explained.mp4
04.Is Knee Reaping Dangerous.mp4
05.Understanding the Heelhook submission.mp4
A Guide To The Main Leglock Positions.mp4
Garry Tonon vs Ralek Gracie breakdown.mp4
About The Author
Professor Gustavo Gasperin is a BJJ Black Belt under the great Fabricio Werdum, and was the Head Instructor at Fabricio's gym for many years, located in Venice, CA.
Training among the best for over 2 decades, Gustavo brings an unique approach to his teaching style, a perfect balance between theory and practice, accumulated over hundreds of tournament matches.
Build a solid foundation for your Leglock & Open Guard game by connecting the Ashi Garami, Single Leg X-Guard, and Ankle Lock submission into a tight closed system
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