The Modern Leglock Formula-Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting


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The Modern Leglock Formula-Rob Biernacki Stephan Kesting
After years of research and development The Modern Leglock Formula with Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting is out!
This ultimate guide to leglocking in the modern era by these two well-known BJJ black belts instructors is available both as a 6 DVD set, and also in an online format that you can access instantly on your computer, phone, or tablet.
This resource will give you a proven,step-by-step system for safely adding ultra-effective lower body submissions to your game.  Now you can add the same leglock techniques and strategies that have transformed the grappling scene to your own submission arsenal.
What Exactly Are You Getting in the Modern Leglock Formula?
Modern Leglocks Formula is a complete A to Z system for mastering modern leglocks.  It is the single-most complete instructional on effective leglocks ever published, with over 10 hours of instruction taught in clear and simple ways using with multiple camera angles for maximum visibility.
The material is logically arranged into 10 volumes (which fit onto 6 dual layer DVDs if you end up getting the physical disks).
If you’re new to leglocks then for the fastest bang for your buck I  suggest starting with volumes 1, 2 and 3. With just those 3 volumes under your belt you’ll already be lightyears ahead of most of your teammates.  After that the remaining 7 volumes will allow you to go as deep as you like into the leglock rabbit hole.  All of a sudden you’ll start seeing leglocks everywhere you look and have more than enough material to get your ‘black belt’ in lower body submissions.
Here’s a quick breakdown of the 10 volumes…
Volume 1, The Biomechanics of Breaking a Leg (Leglock Theory)
Understanding the details behind the scenes when you apply a technique will make those techniques MUCH more effective.  It’ll also make all the details easier to remember, because instead of just memorising steps in a move you’ll understand the reasons why you’re doing each step.
This volume is a super-practical breakdown of the concepts that separate the leglocks applied by recreational players and elite, world class competitors. These principles will make all your leglocks MUCH tighter and more effective.
Volume 2, What are the Best Leglock Positions (Leglock Taxonomy)
This volume takes you through the very best leglock positions, explaining the little tweaks that make it completely impossible for your opponent to rip his leg out of your clutches.
The details you’ll get in this volume will instantly make your leglock entanglements feel much, much tighter.  And you’ll be able to instantly choose the exact right type of leg entanglement to deal with any opponent you might might run into.
Volume 3, How to Actually Finish a Leglock (Dig and Breaking Mechanics)
If people know that you’re going after their legs the first thing they’ll try to do is to hide their feet, kick your grips off with his legs, and do anything he can to prevent the leglock.  Fortunately you’ll learn super-powerful ways to get your preferred grip no matter what your opponent does.
Also we also cover the exact grips, adjustments, and body mechanics that’ll make your opponent’s foot feel like it’s about to explode. These are the hidden adjustments that make it easy to finish someone even if he’s twice your size.
Volume 4, How to Get into a Leglock from Anywhere, Top or Bottom (Leglock Entries)
This is a huge volume, and in it you’ll get ways to get into the leglock entanglements from almost every position in jiu-jitsu.
With these techniques you’ll be able to hit leglocks regardless of whether you’re on top, on bottom, passing the guard, attacking from the guard, or in a scramble.  Your opponents will never feel safe again!
Volume 5, Moving Between the Major Leglock Positions (Leglock Transitions)
One of the core concepts in the Modern Leglock Formula is improving your position.  You want put your opponent into worse and worse positions until escape is impossible and you can apply the finishing leglock at your leisure and with complete control.
This amazing volume is full of transitions that your opponent won’t expect and will be unable to stop.
Volume 6, How Escape and Prevent Leglocks Done to You (Leglock Defense)
In the modern grappling environment it’s getting easier and easier to run into a really good leglocker and find yourself on the defensive.  But just because someone’s going after your leg doesn’t mean that you need to tap out… if you know what to do you can escape and turn the tables on your opponent.
Using the techniques and concepts in this volume you’ll easily start preventing and defending leglock attacks you once thought were inescapable.
Volume 7, Advanced Transitions Against Common Escape Attempts (Advanced Leglocking)
As you become known as a leg locker people will start to develop defences and get better at escapes.  But each escape attempt can be a new opportunity for you if you just know what to do.
This section focuses on the advanced techniques and transitions that you can use to take advantage of your opponent’s attempts to escape your attacks.
Volume 8, Transitions to Passing and Upper Body Attacks
In this volume you’ll learn how to follow up if your leglock attacks just aren’t working.  You’ll get the techniques you need to transition from different leg entanglements to get to the top, pass the guard, and take the back.
This ability to combine lower body and upper body attacks is the sign of a complete grappler.
Volume 9, Passing the Guard of a Leglocker
It can be scary to enter the guard of a skilled leg locker because you know you’re only one move away from getting submitted.  Screw up even a little and you’ll be caught in a heel hook, toe hold or kneebar.
There are right and wrong ways to pass the guard of a leg locker.  The techniques and strategies in Volume 9 will keep you safe while also allowing you to cut right through the guard of leglock specialist.
Volume 10, Specialty Leglock Situations
In this section you’ll learn escapes from difficult positions and submissions that take you directly into devastating leglocks.  Make your opponent pay for even thinking that he was going to tap you out!
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