The Complete Williams Guard Part 1-Shawn Williams


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Learn The Often Forgotten Closed Guard Hacks Which Have Allowed Shawn Williams - The Most Respected BJJ Fight Commentator Anywhere - To Dominate Opponents Of Any Shape & Age
The Man Renzo Gracie, John Danaher & Matt Serra Respect As One Of Their Own - Shows The Secrets That Have Made Him One Of The Top Minds In Grappling
Learn the dynamic Williams Guard that you can use to trap and attack off your back with huge results, even against opponent's bigger and stronger than you
The inventor of the Williams Guard, Shawn Williams, is joining with BJJ Fanatics to create an 8-volume masterclass in guard work
With precise, step-by-step instruction from this Renzo Gracie black belt, you'll learn a comprehensive system around how to apply the guard
The Williams guard is one of the best ways to control and limit someone's movement off your back
So What's On This Series
The beginning of this series has Shawn explain the roots of this guard, how he created it while experimenting in the gym and WHY he started using it so much to solve some serious problems he was having. Go along with Shawn as he shows you all of the ways to get to the Williams guard by wrapping, trapping, and angling yourself in to find that overwrapped arm position. Once you have them locked down and ready for your attacks, you'll get real, usable tips on how to move and flow off your back without ever putting yourself in risk of losing position and potency from your guard. These basic, fundamental movements will give you the tools to start attacking later on!
Get down to business by learning how every little change in position and reaction will open up new attacks. The Williams guard flows perfectly into the trap triangle and omoplata, by giving you full control of the shoulder so you can roll for your submissions. Understanding these submission threats is all about understanding your pressure and positioning, and Shawn explains every situation with useful examples and explanation from his history playing from here. Included in this series is one of the most detailed and thorough explanations of the omoplata, including counters for every roll over, roll under, step over, and stand up that will happen as you shoot these joint locks on your training partners. Make sure you see the Gold Standard omoplata finish, a devastating omoplata roll that Shawn has perfected and one you can use to put an exclamation point on any roll.
If you play Williams guard, you are going to have sweep and control from top, but overwrapping the arm will leave you with new options. With an arm trapped side mount, you land in side control with an arm already locked and isolated, giving you huge potential to control and submit. Also, the same principles and fundamentals that make the Williams guard so strong also work on top, which you can learn with this all new Williams mount, a position that is built to increase your submission potential from the mounted position (one of the trickiest ways to control someone in no-gi).
Once you are able to attack and move freely from the Williams guard, Shawn includes a detailed explanation of how to move and attack when you are ready to transition to something new. Keep your guard evolving by connecting your new Williams guard back into clamp guards, closed guards, and other positions where you can fight and learn. With some of the most detailed explanation possible, Shawn shows his favorite ways to get out of Williams guard, with why he makes these choices and what you need to know to win.
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