The Estima Lock Updated and New School Toe Hold-Braulio Estima


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Learn And Master The Most Unique Footlocks From The Multiple ADCC And World Champion Who Invented Them
Braulio Estima Is Here To Walk You Through Developing A Lethal, Simple, And Devastating Lower Body Submission Game
Braulio Estima is a multiple time ADCC Champion and multiple time Black Belt World Champion who has wins over some of the best in the world including Marcelo Garcia
Braulio has spent years refining this technique and has been able to utilize it successfully at the highest levels of competition
Don't get left behind and just ignore the vast popularity of leg locks and get a one up on all of your competition by learning this system
Know More. Win More.
So What Exactly Do You Get? 
Vol 1:
Toe hold fundamentals & mechanics 
Toe hold setups 
Single leg x (Toe Hold) 
Heel hold concept 
50/50 - heel hold 
50/50 inverted toe hold 
50/50 inverted toe hold stalling position 
How to free yourself from stalling positions (top)
Vol 2:
Anaconda to kneebar using toe hold 
Knee bar attack 
Knee bar to the 50/50 to the inverted toe hold
Footlock from 50/50 
Inverted rear naked from 50/50
Vol 3:
Estima Lock Vs Lasso 
Waist control pass to Estima lock 
Single X Estima lock 
Estima Lock 50/50 
Inverted Estima Lock 
Inverted Estima Lock from Kiss Of The Dragon
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