No Gi Takedowns Made Eeasy-Rick Hawn


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The Most Successful Male Judoka In MMA Of All Time Will Show You An Easy Set Of Throws & Foot Sweeps That Will Allow You To Quickly Take Down Virtually Any No Gi Opponent
Rick Hawn’s System Will Drop Them On Their Backs Before They Even Know What Happened
Elevate your stand up to levels you never thought possible
Never fear starting a match on your feet again
Forget learning difficult wrestling, just learn these easy to use high percentage throws and trips
Change your entire stand up game
Check out what is on his DVD: 
-kouchi gari 4
-kouhi gari with back step 
-ouchi gari 
-ouchi gari with dropping to a knee 
-uchi mata with the outside back step  
-uchi mata when opponent posts 
-tai otoshi 
-tai otoshi off the wrist grip 
-ippon seoi nage 
-driving osoto gari 
-circle sweep 
-foot sweep 
-sumi gaeshi to counter the single leg
-ogoshi from 50/50 
-tai otoshi from 50/50 (place with other Tai otoshi clips) 
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Rilis 2018
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