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Master The Simple Formula That Made Kayla Harrison The Greatest US Grappler Ever
The Real Judo Chop And Other Favorites by Kayla Harrison
This Basics-Intensive System Will Transform You From A Guard Puller To A Takedown & Smash Machine
When you meet Kayla Harrison she comes off as the sweet, unassuming girl next door. You can search the Internet up and down but you will not find anyone willing to say a bad word about her. If you take some time to read about her own personal history she is even more inspiring – having overcome some incredible personal challenges throughout her life with amazing courage and, seemingly, always with huge a smile on her face.
Kayla’s personality is where the sweetness ends however, because the game she plays on the mat is anything but... Her style is smashmouth. She comes out, grabs her opponent, throws them on their face or their back and then chokes them out, pins them, or bends their arm viciously until they submit. In the 2016 Olympics she defended her 2012 Olympic Championship and won another gold medal by pinning or submitting every opponent. It was perhaps the most dominant Olympic performance in any sport at the whole games. Dan Gable, the most famous wrestler ever, won a gold medal in the 1972 Olympics by beating everyone and not allowing a point. Well, in 2016 Kayla did that in Judo except she submitted or pinned everyone before time ran out – not even Gable did that.
Perhaps more interesting than Kayla’s obvious athletic greatness is that she does it all with basics. She doesn’t have a lot of moves per se.. 
Kayla has a simple formula for grappling that works just as well in Judo as it does in Jiu Jitsu. She has:
- A gripping sequence that assures that she gets an advantageous position to start 
- A few throws that she has mastered that work well together 
- A pressure based guard pass that works against any open guard - A never-fail formula for smashing and then passing anyone’s bottom half guard – even if they use the lockdown or double lock 
- A vicious Clock Choke from the back that is the most popular choke in Judo - yet is very underutilized in BJJ 
- Armlocks that are tighter and more effective than any you have seen in the UFC – remember she trained with Ronda Rousey for a long time and has won more fights on the ground than any woman in U.S. History, and probably the history of the world, in Judo.
If you don’t want to pull guard for your whole BJJ career, this system can change your life. Once you master it, you won’t be able to believe how easy it is to knock someone down who doesn’t know the system. When you attack the back, you will find that neither Judo competitors nor Jiu Jitsu players know how to defend it. Kayla’s system for attacking Turtle is brutal and has nothing but high percentage moves; her armlocks may be inescapable – the elite women in Judo are at a different level when it comes to armlocks.
So What Do People Say About Kayla?
“Kayla is undoubtedly the world’s most dominant female judo athlete of the last decade and has won every major event in the sport, including double Olympic Gold, World Championships, and Tokyo Grand Slam on two occasions. Her success is attributed to her championship mindset, work ethic, and technical expertise. I highly recommend everybody and anybody to learn from the world’s best female judoka.”
Jimmy Pedro – 2x Olympic Medalist, 2x US Olympic Coach - Judo
Are you a woman? Or do you have a woman in your life that you want to get into grappling? To see a woman like Kayla become so dominant in a sport where too much of the attention is paid to the men, Kayla can become an inspiration and now a teacher to the women of our sport and more importantly, the women who need to be encouraged to join!
However, don’t be fooled into thinking that just because Kayla is a woman that this DVD is for female competitors only. Every single move works just as effectively in the world of male competition.
So what is on the DVD?:
-chop to juji gatame 
-chop to sit out choke/clock choke finish  
-chop to sumi 
-working the chop on a defensive opponent 
-British strangle and armbar finish 
-gripping and sode 
-sode to osoto
-sode to kouchi to split the leg guard pass 
-split the leg on leg scissor defense 
-ogoshi koshiguruma 
-ogoshi to kouchi
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