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The Greatest Passer In BJJ History Reveals His Complete System For Destroying The Best Guards In The World And Why He Hasn’t Lost A Match At Worlds in 6 Years!
Lucas Lepri’s Guard Passing Science Will Teach You How To Diagnose & Dismantle Any Guard In Your Gym Or In Local Competition
Lucas Regularly Makes The Very Best Competitors On Earth Look Like White Belts
Lucas draws back the curtain and lets you in on all of his secrets
Gain an entirely new perspective on grappling
Transform your entire game
So What's On This Series?
Take Away The Guess Work From Passing And Approach The Guard With A System For Passing Every Time
If you crunch the numbers, the most common pass at the black belt level is the knee cut, sliding your knee through the legs to slice through a guard. Everyone out there is attacking the same way, and finding the same limits. Now, you can break through those limits and find new heights of passing with Lucas Lepri’s signature knee cut series. These sequences have worked at the Pan American and World level, bringing him gold after gold, and they can be yours. By building your pass with precision, you can stop struggling against all those tricky guard players in the gym who have you pulling your hair out.
Modern guards can be a headache for anyone, from white belt through black belts. Everyone has their own guard, and if you want to be a top player you need reliable answers from those spots. Lucas takes some of the most dangerous guards that he sees in competition and breaks down exactly what you need to know to keep working for the pass. It’s all about understanding exactly what the guard does and how they are controlling you, and no one understands this better than Lucas Lepri. You don’t have to get stuck wasting energy anymore in guards like single leg x and x, deep half, or lasso and spider once you have the secrets on this series!
Get this set and learn one of the most effective and detailed lapel passing games anywhere on the planet! Every fighter dreads getting dragged into a worm guard, wrapped up like a present with no where to go. Now you can get the fight back to where you want it with this revolutionary lapel passing sequence. Turn these bad positions into good counters with just a few simple adjustments that can keep you a step ahead of the rest.
Learn The Passes That Guard Players Don’t Want You To See!
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