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Dean talks about how he began grappling in sambo and wrestling before getting hooked into jiu jitsu and that he has always been most fascinated by the submission aspect of the sport. He shares his philosophy on jiu jitsu and reflects on how the sport has changed throughout his grappling career. The sport had a greater emphasis on submissions and self defense when he had first started but has evolved over the years to adapt to the point system of modern jiu jitsu competitions.
Dean demonstrates a toehold submission from the top half guard that can be used on your opponent when they have their legs triangled and are trying to stall the match. This submission works better when your opponent has their legs closed in a triangle as they may recover their guard altogether if you go for the submission when their legs are not tied up.
Dean teaches how to submit your opponent with a one handed rear naked choke when you are on their back.
Dean shows how to finish your opponent with the straight armlock from side control off of a failed kimura or americana. He adds details on how to grip your opponent's arm and how to apply pressure for the tap. He recommends not using a figure four grip as is most commonly taught and explains that you can set up a more efficient submission without the use of the grip.
Dean shares a neat way to finish the kimura from side control with one arm by changing the angle of our hips and walking towards our opponent's head to put pressure on the shoulder.
Dean Lister introduces his set up to the straight kneebar and talks about the importance in the details of how you grip the leg when going for the submission to ensure that your opponent is unable to escape. Although some people may teach otherwise, Dean does not recommend attacking with a toehold from the straight kneebar set up because it gives your opponent the opportunity to scramble out and escape from the submission.

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