Wiseman BJJ-Footlocks,Closed Guard Attacks and Stopping The Guard Pass-Rodrigo Cavaca


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Finally! Learn How To Easily Defeat The Younger & More Athletic Guys At Your Gym - Even If You Are Slow & Inflexible - From One Of The Best Coaches On The Planet
36 Year Old Rodrigo Cavaca is a world-class competitor
Not only that, he's also the undisputed BEST BJJ TEACHER IN THE WORLD FOR GUYS OVER 30
Cavaca took a lowly white belt with puffy cheeks - Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida - and turned him into the greatest competitor ever to step on a mat
This is your chance to become the next Buchecha... well maybe not, but get close!
Learn from one of the best coaches there is.
Rodrigo Cavaca is 36 years old - he lives in Santos, north of São Paulo Brazil. He has a family he loves to talk about, he has lots of Jiu Jitsu students he loves to coach and when you meet him he can't help but smile most of the time...
He's a lot like most regular guys with one small exception: He absolutely kills younger guys when he rolls, even top rated competitors, & HE CAN TEACH YOU HOW TO DO IT TOO!
He's old enough to fight as a Master 2 but that wouldn't even be a challenge - he fights the adults, guys 23-28 and he almost always wins. He's a 2 time world champ and he won both of those titles in his 30s!
So what is on this DVD series?
Footlocks From Top
- Fundamentals of the straight footlock
- Triple option footlock series attacking closed guard 
- Straight ankle kick
- Lion killer ankle lock
- Counter Finish when opponent tries basic escape 
- Deep half guard counter sequence
- Deep half counter sequence 
- Torreando footlock sequence
Footlocks From Bottom
- 5 Footlock sequence starting from lasso guard
- 5 Footlock sequence starting from single leg
- 4 Footlock sequence from closed guard to 50/50
Closed Guard
- Overhook series from closed guard
- Omoplata series
- Leg underhook lapel sequence from closed guard
- Brabo grip sequence from closed guard
- Octopus series from closed guard
Passing Counters
- Torreando defense and counter series
- Knee cut defense and counter series
- Double under pass defense and counter series
- Smash pass defense and counter series
- Over under pass defense and counter series
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