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Have you ever wanted to develop a lethal foot locking system that you can use under the IBJJF rule set? Now is your chance
This video set includes all of the best leg locks that are IBJJF legal
This is your guide to leg locking all of the guys in the IBJJF
Learn the ins and outs of what you can use, how to use it, and how to finish it
Transform your leg attack system
These submissions will work anywhere under any ruleset
Legal Footlocks You Can Use In Any Tournament or Gym
Footlocks are easily the most confusing hold in BJJ - most practitioners don't know what they can do or what they can't... Most can't tell easily define what a "leg reap" is and most can't tell you at what belt it is ok to use a kneebar or toehold. If you fight in tournaments or work out in gyms where guys do - you need to know this to stop your opponents from getting really mad. No one is treated like a bigger jerk than someone who used an illegal footlock.
Jose Barca is a footlock Master - he is a GF Team Black Belt From Rio and he is a top 5 ranked competitor in Masters - in addition he is a highly regarded Referee. He refs all the big matches at Worlds and Pans.
His very specific lessons will spell out for you what you can do and what you can't and then how you can make it work. This DVD set is a can't miss if you want to improve your foot and leg attacks.
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