Transition Mastery-Seeing Jiu Jitsu From Beginning to End-Bernardo Faria


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Learn How To Capitalize On Every Opportunity And Be Three Steps Ahead Of Your Opponent: 5x Black Belt World Champion Is Here To Show You How To Take Advantage Of The Transitions These Are The Secrets And Concepts That All The Best Blacks Utilize
Finally learn the invisible Brazilian jiu-jitsu secrets behind one of the trickiest and most technical aspects of the game: transitions
Mastering one position on the ground is never enough, to be a complete fighter you must know how to move effectively from position, always progressing the fight to a better position
Bernardo Faria has always been one of the most strategic and technical fighters in the game
Across all four volumes of this new series, see all of the combinations and progressions that he has mastered in his time on the mat
Transform your game
So What's On This Series?
Some moves go together perfectly, like peanut butter and jelly. Deep half guard and the over under pass both use the same principles of control and pressure, meaning you can transition right from one to the next without issue, so long as your technique is crisp. Learn how to combine your half guard with an over under pass, and the right variation for the right situation. Depending on where you are, you may need a single leg sweep, a turkish get up, or a Faria sweep, and each one will give you a pass that works best. Each sweep leads to its own pass variation, including the folding pass, the over under, and the over under brother just for example. Using fundamental positioning, you can finally learn how to move from sweep to pass like a veteran grappler.
It’s not enough on the mat just to get to a good position, you have to do something with it. Once you are on top and through the guard, Bernardo explains the best ways he has found to move right to the mount or the back, and how he has finished so many fights over the years using simple techniques that he knows anyone can do. With efficiency, you too can find the chokes and armbars that can finish the fight in style and give you the win.
Every transition combination in this series starts on the feet, but in a lot of gyms the sparring usually starts more relaxed from the knees. So, after each section of this series, Bernardo goes through exactly how you can enter into this same system from the knees, pulling and sweeping in the same ways while adjusting for these changes. Starting low or starting high, you can still use these moves to optimize your BJJ and improve your level faster than ever!
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