BJJ Fundamentals-Go Further Faster-Half Guard Part 2-John Danaher


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The Most Comprehensive Instructional On The Half Guard Ever Created - By The World’s Best Jiu-Jitsu Coach: John Danaher
“The Older You Are - The More You Need To Be Using Half Guard” - John Danaher
The best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach in the world, is here with the newest installment of his groundbreaking Go Further, Faster Fundamentals series
Study John's Central Principles of Half Guard & Learn How To Apply Them
In systematic detail, learn the technique and strategy behind championship level Half Guards, including the off-balances, sweeps, and back takes, that make this a fully comprehensive positional series: Over 8 Hours Of Content!
Know More. Win More.
So What Exactly Do You Get?
Vol 5:
The 90 Degree Rule 
The Knee Lift 
The Hip Shift 
The Law of The Elbow 
Directionality of Force For Roll Through Sweeps 
The Single Most Important Section On This Video 
Taking Your Opponents Back: Duck Under
Taking The Back From Tight Waist 
The Limp Arm
Vol 6:
Tight Waist vs Whizzer Situation 
Tight Waist vs Whizzer Situation 2 
Tight Waist vs Whizzer Situation 3 
Tight Waist vs Whizzer Situation 4
Tight Waist vs Whizzer Situation 5 - Going From Half Guard to Tight Waist 
Foot Fighting From Half Guard
Practical Applications of Foot Fighting 
Takedowns From Tight Waist: The outside Hook - Circular Finish 
Linear Finish Double Leg
Linear Finish Double Leg Part 2
Reverse Double Leg
Stepping Around a Whizzer to a Far Hook
Summary of Tight Waist Series
Vol 7:
Lapel Single Legs From Half Guard 
Lapel Single Legs From Half Guard 2
Lapel Single Legs From Half Guard 3 
General Consideration on Posture for Half Guard Sweep 
General Consideration on Posture for Half Guard Sweeps 2 
Summary of the Lapel Single Leg Series
Vol 8:
Knee Lever Series 
Knee Lever Series 2
The Back Roll Sweep 
Problem of Reverse Half Guards 
Problem of Reverse Half Guards 2
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