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The No Gi de la Riva Guard with Rob Biernacki
The Complete System for Dominating Your Opponent from Your Guard, Now With MORE Sparring and Drilling Footage Plus Bonus Content.
The de la Riva guard is a very powerful position, and modern BJJ is unthinkable without it.
A lot of people have problems adapting this position to no gi submission grappling. But the truth is that there ARE ways to adapt the de la Riva when you don’t have sleeves, lapels or belts to grab onto!
Rob Biernacki is the creator of two classic Grapplearts instructionals: The BJJ Formula and The Modern Leglock Formula. Now he’s sharing his complete system for the No gi de la Riva Guard which includes ONLY the techniques that work reliably without the gi.
What Exactly Are You Getting in the No Gi de la Riva Formula?
In the No Gi de la Riva Formula you’ll get a complete gameplan that you can plug into your guard game.
The No Gi de la Riva Formula has more than 8 1/2 hours of coherent, concise and clear instruction…
Part 1: No Gi de la Riva Guard Concepts
Part 2: No Gi de la Riva Guard Entries
Part 3: No Gi de la Riva Guard Kuzushi
Part 4: No Gi de la Riva Guard Defense & Retention
Part 5: No Gi de la Riva Attacks
Part 6: The DMX Position
Part 7: No Gi de la Riva Troubleshooting & Submissions
Part 8: Mantis Guard Entries 
Part 9: Mantis Guard Kuzushi
Part 10: Mantis Guard Retention & Pass Prevention
Part 11: Mantis Guard Attacks
Part 12: Mantis Guard Troubleshooting & Submissions
Part 13: Reverse de la Riva Entries and Kuzushi
Part 14: Reverse de la Riva Guard Pass Defenses
Part 15: Reverse de la Riva Attacks
Part 16: Leglock Proofing Your de la Riva Game
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