No Gi Judo For Grapplers-Satoshi Ishii


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Learn The Old-School Dojo Techniques of An Olympic Champion And Throw With More Confidence Than Ever Without The Gi
Japenese Judo Legend Satoshi Ishii Walks You Through His High Percentage No Gi Judo Throws, Trips, and Entries
Learn how to throw with confidence and dominate on the mat without the gi with all the modern judo secrets
Unlock a whole new modern perspective on BJJ’s most common positions by learning how a champion judoka dominates on the feet and on the mat
Learn to attack and defend takedowns like you never thought possible
Ishii has learned from a lifetime of competition that an effective grappler must attack both sides, so learn how to throw both sides with osoto garis, ochi garis, uchi matas, and more
In BJJ, throws can be rare because people are careful about exposing their back while they drop in on seio nages. Instead, Ishii has gone the other way and made a full series around how he can still get to his hip throws and trips while never exposing his back. A Pivotal part of his no gi system is to off balance his opponent and utilize foot sweeps.  With Ishii's entries his foot sweeps are virtually effortless.
The real plan is all in the steps and how you can always be working from one side to the other, with complex set ups and entries, the finishes are the easy part.  Ishii focuses on how to manipulate your opponent's body weight making the trips and throws easy as can be.
So What's On This Series?
-Start by learning various entries into under hook, over hook, and other control positions.  Ishii is going to walk you through exactly how he is able to establish these dominant grip positions by winning in the initial exchanges.  Learn how he uses his over hooks to set up various uchi matas, foot sweeps and more.  Ishii also goes over using wrestling to close the distance and get into upper body throws. 
-Once you get on the ground learn how to use the ferocious pins that led him to an Olympic gold medal.  Master the kesa-gatame, side control, north south, and other pinning positions without the gi.  Learn how the brutal pace of Judo translates perfectly to the slippery and scrambley nature of No Gi.  By learning these Judo secrets, controlling someone in No Gi will have never seemed easier.
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