The Knee Barges and Leg Attack System-Gabriel Arges


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Do You Want To Learn The Secrets To Finishing Kneebars Against The Toughest Guys In Your Gym Or In Local Tournaments? (Even If They Are Black Belt World Champions) Now You Can…
2 x Black Belt World Champion Gabriel Arges – Undefeated As A Black Belt At Worlds In His Weight
Gabriel Arges won the finals of the black belt worlds by knee bar
Learn arguably the best Knee Bar in the world today
This is a complete and easy to use system
Gabriel has been able to utilize this lower body attack at the highest levels on numerous occasions
He even won the FINALS of the BLACK BELT adult World Championships via Knee Bar.
There are a lot of Cinderella stories in Jiu Jitsu. 
You know what I mean, the story of the guy who worked his way up after failing at the lower belts many times and then he finally becomes a champion.
This is not one of those stories. Gabriel Arges has been a black belt just over 2 years (under Romulo Barral and Felipe Pena).
He is undefeated at the World Championships at his weight and is already a 2-time black belt World Champion.
Gabriel has put the time in. Gabriel’s a bit unique.
Once he became serious about Jiu Jitsu (as a blue belt) he connected with the right people early on. He started training with the best prospect in his city of Belo Horizonte: a man who would go on to become ADCC Open Class Champion - Felipe Pena (purple belt at the time) and this eventually lead to him training in California at another  legends from his city: Romulo Barral: The rest is history.
This DVD is like a CRASH COURSE on kneebars from one of the best in the world.
This DVD is 10 moves and all of them get right to the point. It will save you hundreds of hours of painstaking study and wear and tear on your body if you tried to figure this stuff out on your own. When this DVD comes to your door you can rip it open, sit down, watch it and immediately hit these during your next training session.
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