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Learn the Pressure Passing System and Smash Younger, More Athletic Opponents, with Fabio Gurgel – a 4 Time World Champion and the Infamous Coach of Over 50 World Champions!!
Finally, a high percentage, high pressure guard passing system to shut down your opponent’s guards, wear them down and have them practically give you the pass because they’re so tired of fighting you – guaranteed!
Passing the guard is one of the hardest things to do in jiu-jitsu.
There are so many young, tricky, and super-flexible guard players out there who can wrap you up with the latest guards and sweep you all over the place. Unless you’re super talented yourself, if you try and match them speed for speed, athleticism for athleticism, you’re going to lose.
The answer is to go old school and smash them with pressure-based passing.
And there’s nobody better to teach you how to do this than Fabio Gurgel.
Fabio Gurgel has coached more than 50 World Champions and is a 4 time world champion himself.  And even though he’s almost 50 years old his intense pressure passing and top game still make him a terror on the mats, hanging with much younger players and tapping them out.
His pressure passing system will shut down your opponents’ guards, wear them down, and have them practically give you the guard pass because they’ll be so tired of fighting you.
Pressure passing isn’t just for big guys! Being able to generate top pressure and pass the guard is a critical skill no matter how big you are. 
That’s why lightweight BJJ legends like Cobrinha (154 lbs), and even rooster-weights like Bruno Malfacine (126 lbs) credit Fabio Gurgel’s techniques for taking their guard passing to the next level (scroll down to see exactly what they say).
The bottom line is that pressure passing is the perfect way to go if you lack the agility, athleticism and endurance required for fancy speed-based passing!
In this instructional every technique is taught in 2 parts…
First you’ll learn the technique broken down into simple and easy-to-learn steps. This is a “paint by numbers” style of approach, where you can learn the quickly learn the critical details and steps of the pass.
Then the second part of each technique is even more valuable. Here BJJ black belt and analyst of the art Stephan Kesting picks Fabio’s brain about the underlying concepts and principles of the technique, common mistakes and how to fix them, and the strategy of using these techniques in the larger context of a match.
So remember that you’ll get MORE than just the techniques: in every section you’ll get both the nitty-gritty step-by-step breakdown of the move and parts of the big picture when it comes to strategy, implementation and training.
What Is Pressure Passing
Stack Pass vs Closed Guard
Stack Pass vs Opponent Controlling Your Wrists
Stack Pass with Passing Arm Behind Back
Stack Pass vs Flexible and Inverted Guard
Stack Pass with Far Hip Control for Gi and No Gi
Stack Pass vs the Lasso Spider Guard
The 3 Most Common Stack Pass Mistakes
The Stack Pass in No Gi
Folding Pass vs Closed Guard
Folding Pass Progression Directly to the Mount
Folding Pass vs the Butterfly Sweep
Folding Pass vs Reverse de la Riva Guard
Folding Pass vs Double Shin on the Biceps Guard
Folding Pass in No Gi
The Evolution of the Over Under Pass
Over Under Pass vs Shin on the Biceps
Over Under Pass vs Butterfly Guard
Over Under Pass vs Reverse De La Riva
Double Unders to Over Under Pass Transition
Over Under Pass vs the Lasso Guard
Over Under Pass in No Gi
Longstep Pass vs Butterfly from Gripfighting
Rotation Pass vs Shallow Butterfly Guard Underhook
Knee Cut vs Deep Butterfly Guard Underhook
Cow Catcher Pass vs Butterfly Guard
Bodylock Pass Trapping Arm vs Butterfly Guard
Sprawl and Foot Trap vs Flat Butterfly Guard
Favorite Butterfly Guard Passes for No Gi
2 Control Positions for Passing Half Guard
Noose Control and Head Pressure to Mount vs Half Guard
Shin Block and Leg Extraction vs Half Guard
Brabo Choke – Guard Pass Dilemma vs Half Guard
Double Unders to Side or Back vs Half Guard
Untangling and Passing the Lockdown to Mount
How to Enter Your Pressure Pass From a Distance
Connecting Submissions with Your Guard Pass
Guard Passing Conclusion
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