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Bernardo Faria - Battle Tested Half Guard
Learn The Easiest And Highest Percentage Sweep In BJJ, Which You Can Use To Sweep Bigger, Stronger And More Athletic Opponents With Ease
The “Michael Jordan Of Half Guard”, Bernardo Faria Shows You Every Detail Of His 30+ Best Half Guard Sweeps & He Lets You Into His Head As He Narrates His Sparring Sessions. You’ll Know Just What He’s Thinking When You Face The Same Challenges In The Gym.
Bernardo Faria probably has a lot more in common with you than he has with the athletic freaks that you picture winning the Jiu Jitsu World Championships.  He is friendly to everyone, he snorts when he laughs and he is laughing almost all of the time, and he is really into using his computer; not exactly the typical picture of a “tough guy..”
When he gets to the gym he isn’t very good at doing the warmups..  He can’t really do a cartwheel and if you were watching him shrimp or roll you wouldn’t say “wow, I bet that guy is a killer!”   He’s just not that fluid.  But when it comes time to slap hands and start rolling or get on the mat at the World Championships – everything changes.   Bernardo’s lack of elite athletic ability doesn’t really matter – because he has a much better system for sweeping than his opponents.  While we will never say that his or anyone’s moves can’t be stopped, we can comfortably say that they haven’t been stopped!
The Position That Hasn’t Been Stopped
Bernardo likes to pull into half guard – which is very easy to get to against almost any opponent: they are happy to give it to you, they figure they are halfway past your guard!  What they don’t realize is that they are also halfway swept.  This isn’t an area where most BJJ guys spend a ton of time, so if you practice his system you will have a huge advantage over your opponent who doesn’t – regardless of his athletic ability or rank.
He Has Two Positions From Under There...
The Single Leg Half Guard & The Deep Half Guard
Once you know the difference between these 2 positions and when to use them you will have your opponent into deep water that he doesn’t know how to negotiate.  Knowing Bernardo’s system is almost an unfair advantage.  
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Will This Sweep Work Against Anyone?
To answer your question quite simply:  Yes.
This sweep has worked against everyone Bernardo has faced at the highest levels:
  Xande Riberio
  Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida
  Rodolfo Viera
  Leandro Lo
  Braulio Estima
  Romulo Barral
  Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu
  Joao Gabriel
  Tim Spriggs
  Rafael Lovato
  Erberth Santos
So What is on The Battle Tested Half Guard DVD?
This DVD set is packed with over 30 Video Lessons with Half Guards that will absolutely transform your game.
It doesn’t matter what belt your opponent is or how athletic they are. With Bernardo Faria's Half Guards you are good and they suck… it’s over.
What You'll Learn:
How To Pull Half Guard
Fake Single To Pull Half Guard
Pulling Half Guard From Knees With Cross Arm
Pulling Half Guard From Knees
Single Leg Half Sweep
Single Leg Half Finishing Options
Finishing Options From Standing
Counter To When Opponent Kicks Out Of Single Leg Half
Lapel Behind The Leg
Single Leg Sweep When Opponent Has Knee On Chest
Half Guard Sweep From Knee Cut
Last Chance Sweep
Push Him Away From Knee Cut
Preventing Reverse Half Guard
Reverse Half Guard Sweep
Deep Half Guard Setup From Z Guard
Tips For Getting Deep Half
Push Away Deep Half Setup
Faria Sweep
Breaking Grips During Faria Sweep
Deep Half To Single Leg
Deep Half To Half Deep Half
Turkish Get Up
Turkish Get Up Against Deep Pass
Defending The Kimura And Chokes From Deep Half
Throw Away The Trash When oponent Stands Up
Guard Recovery And Bridge
Half Deep Half Guard Sweep
Half Deep Half Guard Sweep Without Lapel
Omaplata From Half Guard
Setting Up Single Of Deep Half When Opponent Switches Base
Faria Sweep By Lifting OVer The Head
Guillotine Defense During Single Leg
Deep Half Guard From Closed Guard
First Roll Against Fernando Reis
Second Roll against Michael Zenga
Thrid Roll Against Mark Berman
Fourth Roll Against Kyle Misuraca
Techniques: Bernardo shows his top 31 techniques!
This is like a 4 hour private lesson from the best in history.
This dvd is unlike any other on the market because in addition to the technique, Bernardo has videotaped himself sparring from half guard with a bunch of very tough black belts and brown belts including 7x Brazilian National Champion Fernando Reis.
These guys put Bernardo in some tough spots – they knew he was only sparring him from half guard and they are at least as tough as the guys you will be fighting in class.
Bernardo tells you what he is thinking in every second of every roll - his setups, how he stays out of traps, what he is looking for.  When you start trying the techniques, you will watch this segment over and over and over again as you see Bernardo solving the exact same problems that you have in class.
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