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The Master Of The Half Guard: 5x Black Belt World Champion Bernardo Faria-Again Shows You How To Sweep Every Guy In The Gym – Easily: This Time Without Using A Gi :
Bernardo’s half guard defies age
Bernardo’s guard inherently eliminates leg attacks
Bernardo’s game is about energy efficiency
With Bernardo’s half guard a 40-year-old can achieve the same results as a 20-year-old
The great part about Bernardo’s No Gi Half Guard is that you always have a physical connection to your opponent, which makes it perfectly-suited for No Gi. Bernardo’s guard inherently eliminates leg attacks. Bernardo’s half guard also defies age. People get tired when they try ten other guards that they are so-so at. Bernardo’s game is about energy efficiency. Who the hell wants to be tired after one roll?
Pulling Half Guard From Standing
Pulling Half Guard From Knees
Arm Drag To Single Leg Half Guard
Understanding The Knee Shield
Single Leg Half Guard
Countering The Whizzer and The Sprawl
Finishing The Single Leg
2 On 1 From Knee Shield
Killing The Knee Cut From Single Leg
Coyote Sweep When You Can't Get Underhook
Rollover Sweep From Dogfight
Invisible Kneebar
Countering The Whizzer From Dogfight
Triangle Trap From Knee Shield
Arm Drag From Half Butterfly
Half Butterfly Knee Slide
Throw Away The Trash From Knee Shield
Getting And Keeping Deep Half Guard
Throw Away The Trash From Deep Half
Single Leg From Deep Half
Single Leg Turn And Sweep From Deep Half
Turkish Get Up From Deep Half
Waiter Sweep From Deep Half Guard
Deep Half To X Guard
Sweep From Reverse Half Guard 
Slide Under Sweep From Reverse Half Guard
Countering The Opponents Underhook From Half Guard
Counter Attacking The Opponent's Underhook
Avoiding Foot Locks From Closed Guard
Avoiding The Kimura From Deep Half
Omoplata From Closed Guard
Double Leg From Butterfly
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Format file MP4
durasi 2 jam 40 menit
Rilis 2018
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