Mastering BJJ After 40 Top Game-Fabiano Scherner


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Stop Asking Your Body To Do What It Can’t! – A Video Manual For BJJ Practitioners Over 40 Years Old By The Greatest Competitor Of All Time Over 40
45 Year Old Fabiano Scherner Has Entered 11 Masters World Championships and Has Won 10
An Old School Game That Anyone Can Do
UFC Stars Seek His Coaching & His BJJ Team Dominates Local Tournaments
Fabiano coaches guys like Chael Sonnen and Page Van Zant
This is an easy to learn "old school" approach to bjj
Change your entire game
So What Is On This DVD Set? 
DVD 1 
Takedowns & Passing uchi-mata 
Uchi-mata to body lock 
Cross grip belt grab series  
Double leg  
Fake double leg to uchi-mata/knee pick  
Fake double leg to uchi-mata/knee pick 
Opening the closed guard  
Opening and passing the closed guard  
2nd base pass  
Knee across opposite side  
Standing, opening and knee smash pass 
Countering the ankle underhook when doing the standing pass 
Stand and shake to open guard 
Foot on hip pass 
Spider guard pass  
DVD 2 
Passing: spider guard pass from knees  
Lasso grip break 
Lasso pass 
Lasso pass to mount 
De la Riva pass 
De le Riva pass 2  
Butterfly guard sweep   
Bow and arrow from butterfly  
Atomic drop butterfly pass  
Lapel guard pass  
Sao Paulo pass on double sleeve grip 
Double knee flair pass  
Sao paulo chicken wing pass 
Baseball slide pass 
Passing low hip butterfly pass 
Jump over butterfly pass 
Flip over butterfly pass  
Half guard pass to mount  
Double underhook pass  
Untangle half guard pass  
Bait back take half guard pass  
Toe hold from half guard  
Head and arm choke with kimura bait 
Wrist lock from top half guard 
Spinning knee bar from half guard  
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