The Coyote Half Guard No Gi-Lucas Leite


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How To Sweep Bigger Guys With The Half Guard That Actually Works Better Against Heavier Opponents Without A Gi
For The First Time Ever, Lucas Leite Shares His World Famous Coyote Half Guard Adapted For No Gi
Learn The Weird Techniques that Lucas Leite uses so well against bigger opponent's that he voluntarily enter tournaments in the ultra-heavy division with an almost 100 lb weight deficit
The reason Lucas prefers going against heavier and faster guys is because his variation of the half guard works better on them. The way that he traps his opponent allows him to capitalize on people weight
Master the half guard like you never thought possible
Know More. Win More.
So What Exactly Is On This Series? 
Part 1:
Pulling half guard and getting to the back
Defending the darce with rollover swee
Defending the knee slice to dogfight
Defending the knee slice to single leg x to foot lock
Open guard to dogfight to kiss of the dragon
Half guard back door to the back
Dealing with pressure passing with coyote half guard
Escaping from shoulder pressure
Part 2:
Knee shield to dogfight coyote to jumping rollover sweep
Cross arm drag sweep from knee shield
Russian 2 on 1 from knee shield to kimura trap
Rollover sweep to dogbar
Deep half to coyote sweep to mount
Knee slice defense to dogfight to back take
Part 3:
Defending the mount attempt
Octopus half guard sweep
Countering the back step to get to mount
Side control escape to coyote half guard
Weave pass defense to x guard to knee bar
X guard to toe hold
Arm drag to dogfight
Part 4:
Countering the sprawl and getting to half guard
Knee shield placement
Defending the weave pass
Double underhooks to coyote to back take
Defending knee on belly
Wiggle wiggle sweep
Same side underhook pass
Live rolling
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