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The infamous worm guard made a debut in 2013 when Keenan started competing at black belt. For a few years previous to that the development began, but he held back to make a bigger impact when it mattered most.
In 2015 the 1st Worm Guard DVD was released and became a hit. That was the first time you could learn more than 2 hours of worm guard related techniques.
Now, in 2019 it is time for something colossal. 9 chapters containing roughly 7 hours of everything that makes the lapel guard system work for Keenan. Now anyone can learn all the details from setting up the first grips to getting the sweep or submission.
The Massive Benefits Of The Lapel Encyclopedia:
9 Carefully Structured Chapters
7 Hours Of Footage with no filler
Master The 5 Lapel Guards, Lose Yourself In The System
Worm Guard, Ringworm Guard, Squid Guard, Gubber Guard and Reverse De La Worm Guard – ALL The Guards
Can Transform Pretty Much Anyone Into A Lapel Wizard Apprentice
We Spared No Expense In This Self-Production
This Is Your Chance To Learn The System, Before Everyone Else Does
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