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Russian Grappling Hacks-Rustam Chsiev
Russia’s Best Kept Secret: Learn The Takedowns, Leglocks, & Chokes (Never Before Revealed) From The Best Submission Grappler In Russian History
Crazy Submissions...
When you think about the best fighters of all time - in many disciplines, a lot of them are Russian.  
Well, the best Russian Submission fighter of all time is Rustam Chsiev
He is an ADCC Bronze Medalist and he’s defeated a who’s who of grapplers like...
ADCC Class Champs: Roberto Cyborg Abreu, Joao Assis, Orlando Sanchez
BJJ World Champs: Romulo Barral, Rafael Lovato, Alexandre Ceconi
Other noted Grapplers: Gary Tonon, DJ Jackson
By and large Russia possesses a much higher level of both Freestyle and Greco wrestling than the U.S. does and Rustam has a bunch of medals at the national level in his home country. 
In 2014, when Rustam represented team Renzo Gracie in a freestyle wrestling championship in Madison Square Garden, he faced off against a bunch of All American College wrestlers – he destroyed them all and won the tournament. Putting Rustam’s wrestling skills up against college champs is unfair.
The best leglocks come from Russia and Rustam’s are top notch. They are Sambo leglocks and Rustam is an absolute killer. He hits kneebars, ankle locks and compressions like no one we’ve seen.
Rustam’s chokes are unlike any other we have seen either. His Josh Barnett Headlock will tap anyone and he also has the nuttiest North/South choke we’ve ever laid eyes on.  
A list of some of his titles:
2009 NHSCA National Open Wrestling Championship (Champion) - 2010 32 Best World Grappling Grappler Quest Championship, (3 place) - 2011 ADCC Trial (Champion) - 2011 (2 place )The Ultimate Absolute Champion - (8 time) Absolut Champion Grapplers Quest and (10 times) Expert division Champion - (6 times)Naga absolute champion and (9 times)Expert division Champion - ACOM-SPORT Absolute Grand (Champion) - KAPMMA Amateur Title (Champion) - 5 Five Greppling tournament Expert (Champion) - 2013 WCFL,World Class Fight League Grappling Absolut (Champion) - (2 times) PGL Professional Grappling Legion (Champion ) - 2013 - 2014 NY MSG tournament Champion representing Team Renzo Gracie - 2014 (2 times) Art Of Greppling Absolut Championship (Champion ) - 2014 Open Weight Grand Prix Champion - 2014 GPG Super Fight (Champion) - 2015 UWW Super Fight (Champion) - 2015 3 plays ADCC (Champion ) - 2016 2 place EBI - 2016 WCG ( champion)
Russian grappling is the real deal yet people just don’t study it.
If you learn it, you will be the only one in your class practicing it and you will have a huge advantage in tournaments and in workouts. Rustam has some secrets and techniques you just won’t learn in a BJJ Class. 
You will become a:  Takedown Wizard - Leglock Machine - Killer With Chokes
There are so many different moves than what we are used to and the key to beating higher ranked training partners, even black belts, is having the ability to use moves they haven’t seen. Look at Rustam himself: he has no BJJ belt per se but he devours black belts, even famous black belts, all the time. This is one of the craziest DVDs we have ever made. We simply haven’t seen these moves before and they are killer.
This DVD Will Change How You Grapple
Your takedowns will improve day one - gi or no gi.
Rustam’s technique is impeccable and when you see how he finishes every single leg takedown, you will see how easy it is to take EVERYONE down.
You will start finishing leg attacks.
Russians are probably the best at leglocks and Rustam’s are amazing. He does a kneebar that is incredibly easy to set up and simple to finish - and that is just one of the moves.
You will start hitting a bunch of weird submissions no one has ever seen.
People in the gym will start asking you “What the &%$ was that?” Seriously - they are a mix of crazy chokes, arm locks and leg attacks the Brazilians and Japanese just don’t teach.
Yes a lot of the techniques are “Weird” but you have to see them and they work.
So what's on the DVD's?
Setting Up The Side Single
Finishing The Side Single
Finishing/defending Side Single
Finishing Side Single
Straight Single To The Side
Defending Single To The Side
Russian Flip + Side Single Throw
Setting Up Techniques
Low Single
Counter To Low Single
Counter #2 To Low Single
Arm Switch To Single Leg
Double Leg Takedown
Single Arm Throw
Double Leg #2
Low Single #2
Suplex From The Clinch
Shoulder Throw With Knee Tap
Head And Arm Throw
Fireman's Carry
Reverse Shoulder Throw
Ossetia Leg Headlock
Chin Strap Lock
Ankle Lace Crab Ride
Arsen Fadzaev Shoulder Lock
Freestyle Leg Lace
Freestyle Barrel Roll
Folkstyle Leg Lace Turn To Pin
Rolling Reversal From Single
Gator Roll
Set Up For Fireman's Carry
Front Headlock Counter
Outside Trip From Clinch
Reverse Belly To Belly From Clinch
Duck Under Throw From Clinch
Reversal From Snap Down And Single Leg
Front Headlock To Inside Trip
Heel Hook From Half Guard
Straight Foot Lock From Half Guard
Knee Bar
Calf Compression
Single Leg To Heel Hook
Rolling Knee Bar
Scissor Lock To Leg Lace Finish
Toe Hold To Calf Slicer
Russian Necktie
Standing Arm In Guillotine
Standing Guillotine
Head & Arm Smother
Rustam North Choke
Knee Bar From Top
Grappling Philosophy
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