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Japenese Judo Legend Satoshi Ishii Unlocks The Game Around What Made Him A Champion in Judo And BJJ
Learn The Old-School Dojo Techniques of An Olympic Champion And Throw With More Confidence Than Ever
Learn how to throw with confidence and dominate on the mat with all the modern judo secrets, with Olympic gold medalist and BJJ black belt Satoshi Ishii
Unlock a whole new modern perspective on BJJ’s most common positions by learning how a champion judoka dominates on the feet and on the mat
Learn to attack and defend takedowns like you never thought possible
Ishii shows the drills and strategies that he has brought from traditional Japanese judo to train his body for takedowns
So What's On This Series?
-Usually most people get caught up way before they actually try to throw someone, because they can’t get the grip fighting right to put themselves in position. Learn how you should grip and move whether your opponent is matching your stance or not, and how you can address any problematic grips on your sleeves, collars, or back. Only after you have this nailed can you get to work on taking someone down, so make sure you see just what Satoshi is doing in each exchange.
-Judokas tend to attack submissions very differently than BJJ players, often using much more simplified and straightforward technique that can be as painful as it is effective. See the judo-based submission threats that Ishii has made staples of his game, including a wicked clock choke from turtle and the very overlooked Canto choke, made famous by judo champion Flavio Canto. By using a strong collar grip from knee shield, you can launch yourself into one of the sneakiest chokes in the game and one that Ishii was shown personally by Canto. Also make sure you see the combination attack that Ishii uses when someone holds on during a kimura, using their lapel against them to leave them tied up and unable to defend your chokes.
-It’s not just enough to know the moves, you have to train your body to perform the movements the right way. See all of the drills that Ishii did throughout his judo career in Japan, teaching himself the grip fighting sequences and hip movements that he needed to excel. With some work and patience, you can learn all the subtle actions and reactions that you need to be throwing people consistently.
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