Movement for Grappling by Scott Georgaklis with Travis Stevens


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Build Your Body For BJJ With This Physical Training Video Set And E-Book
Join Strength And Conditioning Coach Scott Georgaklis As He Shows You All Of The Exercises And Activities You Can Use To Train Your Body
Heal Your Injuries, And Take Your Grappling To New Heights.
Reduce Inflamation
Reduce the risk of injury
Get into shape
Like a personal trainer in a box, Scott anticipates all of the most common needs and problems that a grappler faces, and he brings you the best, simplest exercise that can help you break through those plateaus. No more worrying about being limited by scar tissue, and no more saying “my body could never do that” every time you see a move fancier than a cross choke! It’s time to build that coordination and flexibility, one step at a time!
With this series of isometric exercises, you won’t need one extra piece of equipment to hop right in. You are letting your body work against itself in the most defined and isolated ways possible, strengthening a body part with the same focus you would use to attack a submission; the big difference here is that instead of breaking your body down, you are building it right back up. These fitness building and active recovery solutions can be making a huge difference for you soon!
Do your work, any time, any place, with this movement based isometric system. Whether you want a safe and effective warm up before you roll, a controlled active cool down after hard training, or to stay active on a day off, Scott Georgaklis has something for you in this 2-disc set. Come learn from one of the best grappling-centric strength and conditioning coaches about all you need to move your body right.
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